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Uniform Store is open until September 11th

Our Westside Uniform Store is now open for the Fall!

Breakmark has done an awesome job of putting together what our players need to look good on the field!  You order and pay to Breakmark, and they ship it all at once.  It will take a while to get, but so worth it when they arrive.  Please check in for available numbers for jerseys! All players will need a Westside Light and Dark shirt for games, or use a reversible pinnie.  They can be any version of our uniforms (or in a pinch, just white or dark anything (no grey!))Players can borrow jerseys for the season, or just until their orders come in.  This will depend on availability of loaners and sizes. Available numbers can be seen on this Google Sheet.  Numbers are not a huge deal, but we are trying to keep them from being duplicated. We also have $10 white t-shirts with a “local” logo and $15 Westside Strideline socks available in our square store, where you also can pay your team fees

Order your new Uniforms here!