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How Teams Work

Ultimate Teams are made up of about 14 players, with 7 playing on the field at a time. In Mixed Play, there has to be a split of genders 3 and 4. Most commonly, it is 4 Boys/Bx and 3 Girls/Gx. With single gendered teams, players who are non-binary or trans will choose the team that they identify with, to play on. This is also described as Bx matching or Gx matching.

How to Join a Team

Watch for information of when try-outs will happen or contact Westside Ultimate to get dates and times. Come to tryouts and workouts, and get on the list of interested players. If there will be both a JV and Varsity Team that season, information will be given about the criteria for making Varsity.

Once you commit to playing on a team, you will need to create an account at DiscNW, our league coordinator and umbrella organization. You will be asked to fill out forms and waivers, and pay a registration fee, that is on a sliding scale.

Because we are a club team, and not affiliated with Seattle Schools or WSHS, we also have to charge fees to cover our expenses. We also fund raise to cover scholarships for students. There also some uniform purchases, which we try to keep minimal.

How the season works

Practices are after school, days are determined by the coach and captains, and dependent on field availability. During the official seasons, the games are held after school, and replace the practice that day. During the club/free agent seasons, there is about one practice a week and one game on the weekends.

Boys/Bx JV and Varsity Teams

The Boys/Bx Teams are comprised of male identifying players. They play in the Fall, usually starting practice before school begins, and ending just after Thanksgiving. Practice can run a couple hours, after school, most days of the week. Games are often scheduled a week or two beforehand, and are on weekdays, replacing the practices.

Mixed/Co-ed JV and Varsity Teams

The Mixed Teams are comprised of all gendered players. They play in the winter, starting to practice after Thanksgiving and going through until Mid-Winter Break. Practice is after school, most days of the week. Games are scheduled on the weekends. The Mixed Team(s) usually put in a bid to play at our largest tournament, Spring Reign, in Burlington, which is in April.

Girls JV and Varsity Teams

The Girls Teams are comprised of female identifying players. They play in the Spring, starting to practice after Mid-Winter Break.

In Spring 2022, we fielded our first Girls/Gx JV Team in a long time. The team is made up of Gx matching players from all over West Seattle, and does include Chief Sealth HS and West Seattle HS players. We were able to send a couple of our best players to the YCC team, and one day, hope to field a Varsity team.