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Westside Ultimate plays in the DiscNW High School Leagues. We accept 9th through 12th grade. We are a club at West Seattle High School, but Ultimate is not a school sport at most high schools. Because we are a club sport, the requirements when playing for a school sport do not apply (that is, no physical!), but we do have team fees that we try to keep to a minimum or provide assistance.

We have a single gendered boys team, a single gendered girls team, and a mixed team (often described as co-ed). Non-binary and transgendered players choose the team that they will feel most comfortable playing with, and work with coaches and admin to make sure they continue to play on the team that is right for them.

Let us help you get registered for our teams and get you more information, all at the same time.

Please contact Admin at [email protected] to get started.