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Start of Fall Boys/Bx Teams


Information for the start of the Season

JV vs Varsity: There are no cuts from JV and all players that join Westside will be registered as JV, with the exception of players that are existing Varsity players. Over the next two weeks, JV players will be assessed for Varsity, and most players called up will know before games begin.

Communications: We are currently using TeamSnap for player communications and email for more detailed information. All players will be invited to join TeamSnap, they should also add a parent. Please note, we have one TeamSnap for both JV and Varsity, please be sure to read the details of the events posted. The full schedules for the teams will be most current on TeamSnap. A chat for each team will be enabled, and this is a great place to ask for rides, directions, or any other quick questions or assistance.

Team emails will come through Mailchimp, and anyone can email [email protected] with questions or assistance.

Players should bring: Players should always bring a light shirt, a dark shirt, a water bottle, and cleats.

Weather and Safety: DiscNW has guidelines in place for playing in smoky conditions, and if a game, coaches usually coordinate early that day and monitor. If SPS cancels sports, we usually do too. We do play in any other weather, if you ask, I’ll show you the games we played in snow.

Register Now

Not registered yet?  Please click on this  button to sign up at DiscNW. Players must be registered at DiscNW to practice, after their first practice, if not before they come out.

DiscNW Fees and Team Fees

We have two fees for High School players. The Player Fee is the one that you pay to DiscNW when you register, is on a sliding scale, and is not reported to the team admin.  

The Team Fee is one that we charge to cover the costs of the fields and some small expenses.  Our Team Fee is $120, and we have a $60 option, or a $0 option.  All players must select an option and complete payment (if opted) to be eligible to play in their first game.  Players/parents can pay this fee online at our Square Store or bring a check to practice.

Donations to cover other’s player fees are gratefully accepted  (unfortunately we can’t provide a tax receipt).