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Weekly News 9/13/21

Hi everyone,   Varsity played HARD against Franklin last Wednesday, can’t wait to see this week’s games and JV start!

DayDateVarsity EventsTimeFieldJV EventsTimeField
Monday9/13Practice4-6 pmLincoln ParkPractice4-6 pmLincoln Park
Tuesday9/14Practice4-6 pmLincoln ParkPractice4-6 pmLincoln Park
Wednesday9/15Game4:00 PMInterbayGame4:00 PMInterbay
Thursday9/16Practice4-6 pmLincoln ParkPractice4-6 pmLincoln Park
Friday9/17Practice4-6 pmLincoln ParkPractice4-6 pmLincoln Park

Game Information – I will send game information to the appropriate teams in a separate email.  There will be an address, a carpool link, a possible bus route, and any other instructions.  All scheduled games are posted on  We are still scheduling a few games, but not this week.

Everyone needs to bring the following to every game: a light/white shirt, a dark/navy/royal shirt, shorts, a mask, water bottle, cleats.  If you can not provide one or any of these items, please talk to Coach Gene or Team Parent Fiona to get those. 

Uniform payments and Team Fee payments will be requested very soon!

Transportation – Transportation is a going to be a challenge, no doubt about it, but here is what we take into consideration and what we are trying to do: 

  • Practices @ 4 at Lincoln Park – we know players are coming from everywhere, in multiple ways.  No one is in “trouble” for being late, the more “on time”, the more practice is all.  
  • Games after school – We have tried to book home games at fields/times that are manageable by bus or carpool.  There are very few players that can drive themselves/other players to games.  We will need adult drivers that can drive other players, as well as their own player.  Please make sure you/your player has picked up their ORCA card (WSHS/Sealth) in case players have to bus to a location.  They should try to go as a group, and should use the GroupMe app to communicate.  We will likely know in advance if this is the case.
  • Games in the evening – There is a chance that some games will be scheduled in the evening, on a turf field with lights.  I hope that you can drive your player (and others), and come and watch!

How can I stay up to date if something changes?

Players – watch for GroupMe texts from Captains or other team reps.  Make sure you have been added to the player groupme, and its easier to manage if you have the app.  Watch for emails from this email address.  Check on  Still waiting to understand what will be posted on DiscNW.
Parents – watch for GroupMe texts from Coach or Admin  Make sure you have been added to the Parent GroupMe, and its easier to manage if you have the app.  Watch for emails from this email address.  Check on