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How Adults can help Westside Ultimate

Hello Westside Ultimate Support Team!  Thank you for signing up your player, we are very excited to see all the kids out there practicing.  Another email will come about schedules, etc.

I’m reaching out to you to let you know about some areas we could use some help from parents/guardians/grandparents/etc.  Here are what I’m looking for presently:

Coaches/Assistant Coaches/Assistant Admin – all of these positions require background checks and an online training that is 90+ minutes.

  • Coaches – You may have noticed, we have one coach for the 2-3 squads of players.  And Gene does his best to work this out, and does a dang good job.  What we really need is a second trained coach.  This is a paid position, but will require someone to be available weekday afternoons (maybe evenings).  Because that is a big ask, we will even consider a part time version of this job, especially if they can be flexible in which days.
  • Assistant Coaches – This position is more about covering games, especially when Gene is on another field.  Duties would include keeping rotations, taking attendance, helping score keep, being a responsible adult if something happens.
  • Assistant Admin/Team Parent – This is about committing to being the responsible adult on the field, in lieu of a coach.  Taking attendance and watching for injuries.

Game Day Drivers – we will need to carpool to almost every game, even our own home games.  If you can flex your schedule a few times over the season, that would be great!

  • We will have a carpool sign-up for each game/team, there’s a great website for this.
  • Kids that need a ride will sign up in the waitlist and parents that can drive will sign up their cars with the number of seats available. 
  • Some kids just need a ride in one direction, and that’s available too.
  • Drivers will meet the kids at WSHS and leave for the field as soon as they have everyone.  This will be about 3:45. 
  • Kids that can drive themselves, can.  And kids that are allowed to drive others, can.  We have very few kid drivers at this time!

Donations – very soon we will start ordering uniforms for the teams.  We will ask for donations, to sponsor kids that can’t afford their uniform. If you are able, please consider participating by kicking in a little extra.

Support your player – just making sure your player leaves for school with their gear (light shirt, dark shirt, uniform, water bottle, cleats) and maybe a snack, that is a big deal.  I know you might not even see your kids go out the door, but I (as team parent) appreciate whatever you do at home to support your player!

Thanks, and please let me know how I can help you!  That and any questions.
Fiona Preedy

Westside Ultimate Admin/Team Parent