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Specific adult roles needed

Here are the roles that we would love to find both help and a successor for.  These are designated by Team/Club (the whole team) or team (with a small t), for example, Bx JV, Bx Varsity, Gx JV, Mixed JV, etc.

Coach: We’re looking for coaches that can take on a team, one during the season.  This can be a paid or volunteer position.  Ideally, this coach has played and/or coached a lot of Ultimate and can work with the intricacies of the game.  A new coach will discuss with the Head Coach Gene Hsu, and the other coaches, the best team for them to work with during a season, depending on their experience and availability.  Coaches must do online training. for DiscNW and must be at least (confirming age!). Ideally, a coach would be available to practice at a West Seattle field, Monday-Friday after 4pm, with games being the same, or around Seattle.  Some teams have weekend games at DiscNW scheduled fields.

Scheduler: This role can be time consuming in spurts, but is not a “in real time” position, and is for the whole Team/Club. Essentially, the scheduler starts by talking to Seattle Parks and Rec (and some others south) to obtain fields for a season.  Once a list is received, you review it with the coaches for the one/two teams that are going to need practice and game fields.  A schedule is set, and you return the fields you don’t want back to SP&R.  Monitor the payment/billing. Then you turn around and work with our coaches and coaches of the other teams to set up games.  This second part can be handed off to the admin of the team if necessary, but it really depends on the admin.

Uniform Manager: We’ll have a uniform order each Fall.  This is for the whole Team/Club. The company we’ve been working with is super cool, but on the east coast, so we do a ton of emailing. We will have design work to do this year, and a number of admin tasks, including receiving payments when necessary.  Usually a couple of trips to practices to talk to kids that don’t email, etc.  The most work is August/September,  with some work at the beginning of each season just helping the coaches get new orders or loaners to players.

Assistant Coach: We really need coaches that, at a minimum, can be on the sideline of a game to do rotations and be somewhat prepared to help with injuries.  This is for a team, with a small t.  Add to that maybe a set practice each week, and learn some of the drills or skills to help with, and then to watch for when coaching a game.  Add to that full on coaching.  All adults that work with players have several online trainings they must do, for DiscNW’s risk mitigation.  Assistant coaches must be (confirming age!). Assistant coaches can be involved in one season or more, and will hopefully be ready to help if we have other coaches out, even if not their season.

Team Admin: Team admin will partner with the coach, taking admin off their plate.  This is for a team, with a small t.  Emails, schedules, uniforms, season end, pictures, it’s more like Team Parent. Ideally a parent that has kids on that team, and wants to help the players and their families.

Interested in learning more? Contact us at [email protected]!