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Register for Fall 2022 Bx/Boys Ultimate

Our High School Bx/Boys Team play their season in the Fall.  Captains’ practices are starting up now and then the coaches will take over when school starts.  The season runs until November, with playoffs to be determined. 

We are also supporting the Chief Sealth Bx Team. Much of the same information below will apply to Sealth players. You can use the same link as below, and choose the Chief Sealth Team. As we meet players and see how many join, more information will be shared and there will be updates. Chief Sealth players will join Westside players at the first two weeks of practice starting Monday 8/22, see below. For Boys/Bx that go to a high school that doesn’t have a team this part is a little tricky. You can play with the team that you live in the reference area, and you have a little paperwork to do, so let us know and we’ll help.

Players will register with our JV team at DiscNW, and pay their player fees there.  In addition to DiscNW fees, Westside Ultimate will also have team fees to cover expenses, this is $80/season.  Lastly, players will be required to have a team uniform, which is a dark jersey, light jersey, and shorts, all with the team logo, new standard uniform kits are $85. Kits can be borrowed, if appropriate sizes are available.

Coaches and Captains will determine the rosters for Varsity and JV. All new and JV players are signing up for JV, and Varsity players will continue to be on the Varsity roster  Varsity players will be expected to play at a certain competitive level and commit to a high level of expectations around attendance, effort, collaboration, leadership and spirit of the game.  Junior Varsity players will be asked to commit to learning the game, showing effort, communicating, and  upholding the spirit of the game.  Players may be moved around squads at the coaches’ discretion.  Junior Varsity Ultimate is a no cut sport.

Practices will be at many different fields and times. Fields are at a premium and we have done our best to reserve fields with times that accommodate players. Players may have to commute to a field that is accessible by bus, using their free ORCA card, or ride with players/coaches that are driving.   We recognize that this is a challenge, and hope that drivers will help out. We will try to bid for other fields if possible.

Players will be expected to bring a light shirt, a dark shirt, cleats, and a water bottle to every practice, and to be ready to practice at the start time. Please communicate or rsvp, if a player isn’t able to make it.

Games will be all over the city during the week.  We will help organize carpools for players, and will need any parents that can help transport players.  Players will be expected to bring their uniform (light AND dark), cleats, and water to games, and arrive 30 minutes before the game starts.

We will start using Team Snap for most of our team communications. This is a free app that will show our schedules and locations, allow for coach to team messaging, and player to team messaging. This will really help keep the information organized.

Practices start on Monday, 8/22 from 4-6pm at Lincoln Park, the north field almost by the wading pool. Practices will be there for 2 weeks, and we will get you a schedule after that. Players will need to have registered with DiscNW to participate. You can register right away for the JV team. If you are a returning player, you will need to log in to complete your registration.  If you are a new player, you will need to start an account.  Parents/guardians should have their own account and players their own account, and then the accounts can be connected. DiscNW is requiring proof of vaccination for COVID, and will ask you to upload a picture. Don’t forget to sign all the waivers. Please let us know if you are having any issues.

Register here with DiscNW for the Boys HS Fall Season.   

Financial Assistance

All DiscNW activities are available for financial assistance, either from the league or from Westside Ultimate.  When you register for the team at DiscNW, you will be offered a variable rate.  When we request team fees or order uniforms for Westside Ultimate, a player can indicate to admin that they need assistance, and this will be kept confidential.