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High School PE Waivers for Seattle Schools

We’re posting some information here for players interested in applying for a PE waiver, in high school, in the Seattle School District. Many kids need more room in their schedule because they take both language and music, just one example in a myriad of reasons.

PE waivers are filled out and submitted by the semester. You can find the form from your counselor, the school website, or the district website. Forms are due each March 1st (for the first semester) and October 1st (the following year, for the second semester). A form must log at least 80 hours, have a coach signature and a parent signature.

You must talk to your counselor about how your PE waiver will count towards your requirements, when they are accepted, and what else you need to do, to make your PE waiver work. We are only making it easier to find the information.

Logging the hours each week in anticipation of this task is the best way to fill out the form. At Westside Ultimate, we have done an “okay” job of keeping the calendar accurate, so using for making a of past list of practices and games will be a good start if recovering those dates. Checking your own calendar for your participation is key to accuracy. Players will need to bring the filled out form for a coach to sign, or if between seasons, contact us to coordinate.