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More Girls Please!

(above – Sophia Palmer, Westside and Cascades Player) Mixed (Co-ed) Ultimate is a great coming together of athletes, really celebrating the different combinations of skill. Mixed Ultimate Teams must put out a combination of Boys and Girls on the line of 7, in a 3/4 combination. Most commonly, this will be 4 Boys and 3 Girls. Some teams have so many Girls, that they request a line of 4 Girls and 3 Boys.

Westside currently only has enough Girls to field one mixed team. Ideally, we would have more than 10 Girls to be able to field 2 teams. Right now we have 5 Girls and they will get lots of play.

If you know of any Girls interested in playing for Westside Ultimate, let us know! We can talk to them about Ultimate, and if they’ve never played before, we can get them up to speed.